Everything you need to know about Balayage on Indian Hair

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that was initiated in France in the 1970s. It has since become a popular trend worldwide, and Indian women have not been left behind. Balayage is a perfect way to add dimension and depth to Indian hair without making it look too dramatic or artificial. So, if you want to try balayage on your hair, you have come to the right place. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about balayage on Indian hair.

What exactly is Balayage? And why it’s getting so popular among Women?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that call for painting the hair freely rather than using foils or caps. This technique creates a natural, sun-kissed look that is perfect for the ones who want a low-maintenance hair colour that grows out gracefully. Balayage is customizable and tailored to your hair length, texture, and style.

It’s time to grab benefits of Balayage Color Techniques

There are several advantages of choosing balayage over other colour techniques:

  1. Balayage creates a more natural, blended look than traditional highlights or ombre.
  2. It is a low-maintenance colour option that grows gracefully, so you won’t have to worry about touch-ups every few weeks.
  3. Balayage can be customized to your hair type, texture, and personal style, making it a versatile choice for anyone.

Does Balayage have any Bad Effect on your Hair?

Like any hair colour technique, balayage can damage your hair if not done correctly or if the hair is already damaged. However, when done by a professional stylist who uses quality products, balayage is a low-risk and gentle option for the hair. Balayage involves minimal bleach, and the dye is not applied to the scalp, making it less likely to cause damage or irritation.

Balayage Hair Trends you can hop on

1. Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel balayage hair is a popular trend that creates a soft, natural-looking blend of caramel and blonde tones. 

The caramel balayage hair trend is popular because it is a low-maintenance style that looks effortless and natural. It is also versatile, as it can be customized to suit different hair types and skin tones. The caramel tones add warmth and depth to the hair, while the blonde tones create a bright, luminous effect.

Caramel balayage hair can be worn in a variety of styles, from loose waves to sleek updos. It is a glamorous look that can be dressed up or down, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions.

2. Brown Balayage Hair 

The brown balayage hair trend is a timeless style that has been gaining popularity recently. It is a low-maintenance hair colour that involves hand-painting the hair to create a natural-looking blend of brown tones. This style adds depth and dimension to the hair while keeping the overall look soft and natural.

One celebrity who has recently rocked the brown balayage hair trend is a Singaporean actress and singer, Joanna Dong. She was seen sporting a beautiful brown balayage hairstyle at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2021. Her hair was styled with waves that showcased the natural-looking blend of brown tones, giving her a chic and effortless look.

3. Brunette Balayage Hair 

Brunette balayage hair is a popular hair colouring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair to create a beautiful-looking gradient effect. The method is most commonly used on darker hair colours, such as brown or black, to add depth, dimension, and lightness to the hair.

Brunette balayage hair can be customized to suit the individual’s hair type, face shape, and skin tone. The highlights can be subtle or bold, ranging from warm caramel tones to cooler, ashier shades. The end result is a natural-looking blend of colours that complement the person’s natural hair colour. In addition, because the highlights are blended seamlessly into the natural hair, there is no harsh regrowth line as the hair grows out, meaning the colour can last for months without needing touch-ups. 

One celebrity with gorgeous brunette balayage hair is Lily Aldridge. She has a natural-looking blend of caramel and honey tones throughout her dark brown hair, which complements her features beautifully.

It is an excellent option for anyone looking to add interest to their hair without committing to a drastic change. 

4. Light brown balayage hair 

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Light brown balayage hair is a stunning hair colouring with the highlights blended seamlessly into the hair, gradually transitioning from the darker natural hair colour to more golden, brighter tones.

To maintain light brown balayage hair, it is essential to use colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and protect the hair from heat styling and UV damage. Regular trims can also help keep the hair healthy and vibrant; occasional gloss treatments can add shine and enhance the colour.

You can often see Jessica Alba flaunting her light brown balayage hair. 

5. Ash blonde balayage hair 

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Ash blonde balayage hair is a hair colour characterized by cool, ashy tones ranging from light to medium blonde shades. It is a modern and stylish hair colour that is popular among both men and women. The ash blonde shade is achieved by adding cool-toned blue, violet, and green hues, neutralizing any warm tones in the natural hair colour.

One of the benefits of ash blonde balayage hair is that it complements a wide range of skin tones, from fair to medium to olive. It is particularly flattering on those with cooler undertones, as the cool-toned hair colour can help enhance the skin’s natural coolness. It is also a versatile hair colour that is restyled in various ways, from beachy waves to sleek updos, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Taylor Swift is well-known for her beautiful ash-blonde hair. Her hair features a calm, ashy blonde tone, complementing her fair complexion and blue eyes. Taylor Swift’s ash blonde balayage hair is a popular reference for those looking to achieve a similar cool-toned and modern look.

6. Balayage on Brown hair 

Balayage on brown hair involves creating natural-looking highlights or lowlights. Balayage on brown hair is a popular choice among women who want to add some dimension and depth to their locks without going for a full head of highlights. This technique is suitable for any shade of brown hair, from light caramel to rich chocolate.

Many celebrities have embraced balayage on their brown hair, including Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, and Lily Aldridge. Olivia Munn is one celebrity with sported balayage on her brown locks and looks stunning.

Olivia Munn is an American actress and model known for her beautiful dark brown hair. She has sported different hair colours and styles over the years, but her balayage on brown hair has been one of her most notable looks. Olivia’s balayage transitions from her natural dark brown hair at the roots to a lighter, caramel shade towards the tips. The highlights are placed strategically to frame her face and give her hair a natural-looking glow.

7. Balayage on black hair 

Balayage on black hair is a popular choice for women who want to add warmth and lightness to their dark hair without a drastic hair colour change. It is a low-maintenance hair colour option as it grows out naturally and doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. Balayage on black hair can also help to frame the face and highlight the best features.

Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, and Chrissy Teigen, have embraced balayage on their black hair. One celebrity who has sported beautiful balayage on black hair is Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is an American singer, songwriter, and actress known for her beautiful, voluminous hair. She has tried various hair colours and styles over the years, and her balayage on black hair has been one of her most iconic looks. Beyoncé’s balayage features subtle caramel highlights that blend seamlessly into her dark hair, creating a soft and natural effect.

How many Bucks you need to keep aside for a Balayage Flaunt?

Balayage is a great way of showcasing creative skills as colourists and to create a bespoke hair colour palette based on client objectives. 

“Balayage is like a piece of art. It is amazing as you can paint the colour on according to that person’s hair, face shape, everything. Hence, a lot of factors come into play, while some salons charge more and others just give it away.

Consider the location of the salon, the professional training of the colourist, the quality of products used and of course, the time spent to get you the look that stands apart from the rest.

In general, balayage can cost anywhere from AED 500 ($135) to AED 1000 ($300) based on the length and thickness of the hair and your stylist’s expertise levels.

Remember that the cost may be higher for longer hair or more intricate colour placement. We recommend that you book a consultation with your Colorist for a final price check

How to Bounce Back to your Original Hair Color?

If you decide to return to your natural hair colour after having balayage, there are a few options. One option is to let the balayage grow naturally, which can take several months to a year, depending on your hair length and growth rate. Another option is to have your hair coloured with a darker shade that matches your natural hair colour. 

Finally, if your hair has been lightened significantly, your stylist may recommend a colour correction process to darken your hair over multiple sessions gradually. Don’t forget to consult with a professional stylist anytime before attempting to go back to your natural hair colour to avoid potential damage.

Indian Celebrities with Balayage Hair

Many Indian celebrities have tried balayage on their hair and have looked stunning. For example, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has tried balayage on her hair, which looks terrific. She has opted for a subtle, honey-brown balayage that adds dimension to her dark hair.

Another Indian celebrity who has tried balayage is Alia Bhatt. She has gone for a more dramatic look with a dark-brown balayage that adds depth to her long hair. The balayage complements her skin tone perfectly and makes her look even more stunning.

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Balayage is a great way to add colour and dimension to Indian hair. It is a natural-looking technique that works well on all hair types but is especially great for Indian hair. If you are thinking about trying out balayage, go to a professional stylist with experience with this technique. 

It’s time to copy the Bollywood star and rock your look!

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