Hair Care for Indian Hair

Indian hair is dark in colour and denser in terms of the number of hairs per follicle. This makes Indian hair thick, versatile, and extra flexible.

The most common issue we deal with in our salons is hair fall and dry frizzy hair. This situation can occur due to many reasons, and the most important one is prolonged stress coupled with weak internal health.

Dull, lifeless hair, split ends and hair breakage are direct results of excessive chemical procedures such as straightening, excessive heat or bleach works.

Our stylists have vast experience in dealing with the challenges that Asian hair faces in the harsh Middle East climate, and we provide thorough professional consultations to determine treatments best suited for individual conditions.

Hot sticky weather combined with regular heat styling and daily use of various products leads to clogging of hair follicles, which result in the most common issue of dull, greasy hair and slow hair growth. A detoxing, pore stimulating scrub treatment is highly recommended by our experts for a healthy scalp, which results in healthy hair.


Kerastase Fusio Scrub treatment


While the health of hair is taken care of by our bespoke treatments the majority of our clients visit us for the BIG Change – from dark to light hair colour and this can only be achieved by pre-lightening. This can affect the hair and dry it out, hence we advise clients to slowly adopt the colour transformation process gradually to keep the hair healthy. Active communication with clients on the science of hair colouring helps them understand the adverse effects of excessive pre-lightening and the worth of visiting professional colourists.

Home care routines are advised which not only help in optimum maintenance but also reduce the unnecessary expense of frequent visits to the salon. In the event of clients choosing to go for colour transformations, we strongly recommend nourishing and strengthening treatments like Olaplex and Sulphate-free shampoos to protect hair and get the most out of your hair colour.


Olaplex Standalone treatment

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