MQ Black Baccara Hair Multiplying Scalp Mask 250ml

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– Intensely moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes hair and scalp while preventing hair growth disturbances due to our environment and lifestyle
– Ensures proper function of the hair follicle to decrease and prevent hair thinning/loss and stimulate hair growth
– Improves strength by up to 18% and elasticity up to 18% Repairs broken bonds to help strengthen internal hair structure by up to 3x that of untreated hair
– Provides strength and shine while protecting and reducing damage from harsh salon processes/styling
– Powerful antioxidants defend against free radicals and provides anti-pollution and photo-protective properties
– Improves microcirculation, allowing essential nutrients to be delivered directly to the heart of the hair follicle, a critical step for optimal hair growth
– Soothes the scalp, regulates microflora, decreases irritations and regulates sebum


Apply our hair growth mask to wet hair and scalp and gently massage. Distribute with downwards strokes starting near the tips working upwards to the roots. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin or Petrolatum.

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What it is: Our hair growth mask is a true miracle worker that supercharges hair’s growth cycle and keeps hair anchored to the scalp while repairing and creating new bonds to reverse hair fiber damage back to virgin hair.

What it does: It works from the follicle to the fiber to stimulate growth and delivers superior rejuvenation, strength and hydration for healthier, shinier hair with renewed texture and manageability. The ultimate hair growth mask for immediate and visible results.

Who it’s for: Anyone who needs an anti-aging hair treatment or has hair that is weak, thinning or brittle.

What it smells: A warm fruity floral. Flirtatious yet sophisticated, tuberose and orange blossom are paired with the warmth of vanilla and spicy notes for a sensual twist.

Vegan-Friendly, Green Technology, I’m GreenTM Packaging


Miriam Quvedo


Treating the scalp is the key to maintaining healthy and youthful hair. All Miriam Quevedo haircare collections contain high concentrations of ingredients that aim to prevent aging of the scalp and therefore, maintain the health and appearance of our hair.

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