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Money. Here you can have Hair color, Keratin treatments,Indian hairdressers,Bollywood
hairstyles,perms, balayage, famous hair and nails.

Hair Color:

Abundance of eumelanin and pheomelanin results in changing hair color. So if you want
a good result you need to approach the best Salons.Hair color is never a concern if you
have it by a professional. We will take care of all your worries and concerns. Here we’re gonna
have four types of hair color.


Rainbow has seven colors.. Choice is yours.. Try ALL or have a pretty ONE..

Keratin treatments : 

Keratin is a protein which presents naturally in your Skin, Hair And Nails. Keratin treatment adds additional Keratin in your hair and is useful for Smooth And Shiney frizzy hairs. When you have all the rights to wear the look you want then  Why choose to compromise ? Straight Hairs or curly hairs both are fascinating and attractive. This is the process of applying the products ,blow drying it, and sealing it with a flat iron. We have two types of treatments available.

  1. Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (Long Lasting Effects – Up to 5 months)
  2. Express BlowOut Keratin Treatment (Last Up to 6 weeks )

Indian hairdressers :

Hairdresser is a person who takes care of your hair cut according to your hair style which helps in improving your image. We have the best practicing Indian hairdressers. We have natural hair stylists,wigmakers,colorists and extension experts.

Bollywood hairstyles :

Day-by-day Bollywood has a huge fan base industry.. From “ Shammi Kapoor’s Ducktail hairdo “ to “ Salman Khan Tere Naam hairstyle “. Style varies according to trends. We have expertise in hairstyle making. 

Some hairstyle examples are  Zari French Braid,Diffused Curls,Ringlet Bun With Gajra,Elegant Twisted Bun,Windswept Waves,Triple Twisted Ringlet Bun,Pinned Back Twisted Ropes.

Perm : 

Perm is also the favorite hair style of people. Perm is used for changing the texture of your hair to a permanent wave or curl. Which lasts for three to six months it also depends on your hair type and taking care of it. 

Balayage : 

Balayage is not a color in itself it’s the way the color is applied. It lasts for three to four months. Balayage is different from Ombre and Highlights. In ombre lightener placed horizontally but in balayas we have smaller sectioning. Highlights use foils where Balayage is more of a visual-hand painted technique.

Famous Nails : 

Nail cut, nail shape and nail styles are the most common and popular trends. People with different and unique mindset are free to draw nail art. 

You can have Square,Rounded,Oval,Squoval or Pointed nail arts. The most trending nail art in 2022 is inspired by nature which includes dream-worthy designs.

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